At 24 years old, Paulie Harraka is climbing the ranks of NASCAR much different than any other driver has to date. After graduating high school, Harraka chose not to take the standard path and make NASCAR racing his full time commitment, instead matriculating at Duke University. “I wanted to be the most complete racecar driver in the world,” he explains. “So I went to Duke University to study engineering, leadership, and business.”

While at Duke, Harraka recognized that there was significant untapped business potential in the NASCAR world, and set his sights on influential Duke alumni whom he believed could serve as mentors and business partners for him.

He launched Paulie Harraka LLC in the fall of 2011 to focus on these opportunities, and has successfully leveraged his business ideas to continue to climb the ladder in the sport, while also advancing the industry as a whole.

As a member of the community, Harraka is a Celebrity Ambassador for Childhelp, a national foundation that works with abused children.

Favorite Teams:
Duke Basketball
Duke Football
New York Yankees
New York Giants fan


Favorite Book:
Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen

Favorite Music:
Anything but rap

If he could be a Superhero:

Favorite Actor:
Christian Bale

Favorite Actress:
Sophia Vergara

Favorite food:
Anything mom sends to me